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Minor Oral Surgery - Dentists

MOS with LA or Sedation

At the Dental Tree we have been providing Minor Oral Surgery since 2006.  In 2013 we added an anxiety management service whereby we can treat nervous patients, for example by sedation.

Clinics are held at our Exeter Close site on a Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.


For data security reasons we can only accept emails with patient identifiable information sent FROM an email account to OUR NHS email address


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Private Referrals

We are happy to accept any referrals directly. Please complete the contact form via the link below or email  One of our team will then contact the patient and arrange an appointment.  We will keep you informed throughout the process.

NHS Referrals

All referrals* have to be sent via the online Referral Management System (RMS) run by a company named FDS Consultants.  Use the link below to go to their website, from which you can find detailed information on using the system, how to get your log in details if you haven't already, and to log in to make a referral.

* Lesions suspected of being cancerous should use the current 2 week pathway.  Maxillofacial emergencies eg Acute large facial swellings should be directed to A&E

Referral Criteria

Referral Criteria

Referrals are independently triaged, and those accepted are forwarded to us.  See the below document for the refrral criteria.

Referral Forms

Referal Forms

Example of the online form you will need to complete. All patients should complete a referral notice (FP17RN)

Anxiety Management (including Sedation)


If you are referring a patient for Anxiety Management eg sedation, the patient is required to complete a MDAS form, an example of which is shown below.

We treat the majority of anxiety management patients by sedation.  Patients must score at or above the cut off point on the MDAS form to be considered for acceptance.  Also please read our general guidelines regarding referring a patient for sedation.

Urgent Failed Extractions

Urgent Failed Extractions

What to do if you have attempted an extraction and you just cant do it....

How to refer the patient urgently via the  new referral management system (RMS)
1 Log the patient onto RMS as normal and obtain the URN number.

2 Call us on 01438724262 or 01438354590, ask to speak to a member of the MOS team and explain the situation, and ask if we are able to take on the failed extraction and give us the URN number.

3 We will then ring the FDS Consultants (the RMS service providers) and ask them to forward the referral directly on to us, bypassing the triaging system.

4 We would then have the referral form to continue with the patient as appropriate i.e. see them on the same day if possible or make an alternative urgent appointment.

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