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Private Dentistry


At The Dental Tree we believe in providing patients with options regarding the treatment they receive.

As a private patient you will:

1. Have access to our full range of treatments

2. We will use only high end dental materials and have a faster turnaround of labwork such as crowns and dentures (typically one week as opposed to two for NHS)

3. Treatment provided by our most senior clinicians

4. Be able to book appointments in evenings and on Saturdays 


Cost of Examination and Routine Treatments

The benefits of private treatment are surprisingly affordable.

The prices below will give you a guide to the cost of various treatments.  Each patient will be provided with a detailed explanation as to what we recommend after a comprehensive and detailed examination.  You will then be provided a written estimate to the cost of your individual treatment plan PRIOR to starting any treatment.  We appreciate that patients need to know costs at the outset.  We will always keep you informed should your treatment costs change.

Invisalign from £2000

Implants from £2500

Up to 12 months interest free credit (0% APR) available, no deposit required.  For treatments from £1000 to £30,000.

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